Boujee on a Budget: Our Student Edit

by Munashe Ashlyn on November 07, 2019

Are you on a minimum wage job and always running to lectures?
Do you wanna be cute but also comfy in the uni library?
You wanna be the new fashionista out of your friends but running on low until payday?

This one is for all our students who want to be boujee on a budget. We have a few fun pieces for girls and guys who want to show their sassy side, some fun slogan tees for your morning lecture. We've got holographic, iridescent and glitter tees for you beauts.


Go You Own Way £10 - Buy Now!

This is for those days when you want to show people that you're an individual. Your friends all have baes and you're single, maybe you'd rather spend the night studying in the library rather than clubbing or maybe you're at a house party and some oblivious dude is trying to get your number. Tell them all you're going your own way.


Sickening Holographic T-shirt £18 - Buy Now

This one is for those days when you're feeling a little bit lacklustre and need reminding how awesome you are. Always walk with a skip in your steep while listening to Beyonce's Formation, one of our favourite songs at Bottle Blonde.


Time Flies When You're Stressed £18 - Buy Now

 Sometimes you just want to tap out, It's 1am and you've been in the library since the afternoon writing up that essay due next week. But, you look down at your shirt and remember that it's all good because time will fly when you're fcking stressed out and dying. P.s. always self-care and rest while you hustle your way to the top.

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Speak soon BB dolls x

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