Festival Survival Guide – What to Pack!

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Now we’ve hooked you huns up with our top 5 upcoming summer festivals its time to give you the lowdown on what to pack, because you’ve got to look your best obvs! BB Insta worthy looks, glitter art, bum bags and even tents coming your way…


Not all but quite a few of the festivals this summer have themes, Bestival has a carnival come circus theme and below are just some options you could choose when creating your key looks. We’re thinking rainbow, catsuits with iridescent glitter jackets, pom-pom jackets which are sure to cause envy amongst your friends! (Some of our BB looks are also in our 20% OFF SALE… go on HUNS!)

Now we’ve shown you some of our favourite BB looks you most definitely need in your life for whatever festival your attending its now time for the second most important thing for any look… the GLITTER!
One of the UK’s most popular brands is The Gypsy Shrine and they also take their very own festival shrine on tour to most major festivals in the country and USA, even giving you options to “Find the Shrine” on their Insta page. They have recently introduced PEEL OFF GLITTER GLUE - talk about genius! No more scrubbing glitter off into the sink for hours! To shop our below recommendations and so many more check out https://www.thegypsyshrine.com/ 
Now we’ve taken care of your outfits and the all-important glitter you’re definitely going to need a bag to carry a few essentials in…
It's all about the bum bag right now and its taken the fashion world by storm, even Gucci have got in on the act. We’ve sourced some affordable options which are sure to go perfectly with your already totally EXTRA outfits! We’ve also added some cute backpacks which could also be rocked at festivals this Summer. The below recommendations are all current IN STOCK & can be found here:
Last but not least is tents... It's usually the last thing we think of because obviously we wanna look our best first, but you need somewhere to sleep so we’ve sourced some affordable tents to make you 100% festival ready for whatever festival your attending this summer.
The below tents can be found by searching for "pink camping tents" & "festival tepees" on https://www.amazon.co.uk 
This ends Part 2 for our festival survival guide which we're hoping has you ready for anything summer festivals can throw at you!
And don't forget, if you're attending one and wearing one of our GORGEOUS BB creations be sure to tag us in your Insta snaps and use #BottleBlondeBabes to be featured on our social!!xoxo

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