Galentines day at BB HQ

by Chloe Hollingsworth on April 25, 2019

Here a BB HQ we think valentines day is not only great when you have a significant other to shower in love; but also a great chance to show your best friends just how much they mean to you too! We spoke to the team at Bottle Blonde to find out their plans and opinions about the big day!

 We've all been there, alone on Valentines day, the clubs are rammed and there are far to many displays of PDA for our liking! so this year we spoke to our interns at BB HQ to hear their plans and thoughts on valentines day!


" I'll probably be sat in front of the telly, eating a giant pizza and lusting over Gordon Ramsey punching a slice of Fish whilst binging a series of Hell's Kitchen"


"This guy came up to me tapped me on the head and told me I was really short... We've been together 7 years"


"My name is Sarah and my favourite chat up line had to be ... "what's your favourite dinosaur? - Because mines Try-Sarah-Topless" I admired the creativity"


So whether you're spending Valentines day on a date, with your besties, or slouching in front of your favourite Netflix series, we hope you have a fabulous day!


And don't forget to check out our new collection of sassy valentines day cards, they're the perfect way of saying "You're Okay"

Check out some of the photos from our Galentines shoot below!

Love Team BB x


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