Glitter Party Season Trend 2019! Halloween, Christmas and New Years

by Munashe Ashlyn on October 23, 2019

Summer is over!  Don't be too sad tho, PARTY SEASON IS AMONG US

Winter means cooler weather but, it also means it's time to dance and celebrate. Let's have FUNNN, the year is coming to a close with our favourite holidays.

All the ghouls and goblins will come out at Halloween, the family cheer from Xmas hols will fall upon us and then we will welcome a merry new year's eve crossover. Here's a look at some of the latest trends hitting the runway, Instagram and our favourite magazines. The first party coming up is Halloween but have you got your outfit ready?

The perfect Halloween look:

Courtesy of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn on set for Birds of Prey Film

 Get the Look:

Chaos Jacket by Bottle Blonde Studio £200 Buy Here


The Cutest Christmas Party Inspo:

 Courtesy of Miley Cyrus on The Voice US (NBC Networks)

Get the Look: 

Red Crush Cascade Jacket £175 - Buy Here


Sparkle and Shine in the New Year:

Courtesy of Jennifer Lopez in Balmain Styled by Mariel Haenn

Get the Look:

BB Unicorn Mini Tinsel Jacket £150 Buy Now

 Don't think we forgot accessories! 

This year 80s fashion is reigning supreme in high street stores and fashion show runways. Have a look at some of our loud and proud earrings, sparkle through the holiday season!

Look at one of our beaut customers Lucy Hart (@hartyyy) wearing our tinsel earrings - Similar style available BUY NOW

Zararama wearing our Prismatic Earrings £14 Buy Now

Well, there you have it! Our super cute outfits ideas for Halloween, Christmas and New Years Eve...if you're fancy. We have fun and funky jackets but for small pops of sparkle, we have cheap and cheerful earrings that still pack a punch with impact.

Speak soon BB Beauts!

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