Disco DIY Shoes

Here at Bottle Blonde we're getting ready for midlands Fashion Awards so in preparation for it we've been getting creative and customising shoes to go with the collection! 
The shoes look incredible! So we thought we would put together a tutorial on how to make these beaut disco heels! 
First your going to need:
Taking the heels your going simply place the jewels all over the heels randomly and to do that you can either put the glue on the shoe where you want the jewel to go and stick
put the glue on the jewel first then onto the shoe, i found this way worked easier. Allows you to be a bit more precise! 
Then wait for it to dry! With a glue gun this is usually quite quick!
Then next to really make the shoes a statement we placed jewels in between the bigger ones to cover the majority of the shoe. 
to glue them on the same method applies! 
And thats it! A brand new pair of shoes! That look a-mazing! You can do this with whatever shoes you wish! Guaranteed all your friends will want a pair! 
 Don't forget to tag us if you do them! We'd love to see your pics! 

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