New Year an even sassier you.

Colour inspo New Year

 Here at Bottle Blonde we love changing our look, going for another hair colour or doing our changing up our everyday makeup. So if it's something you thinking about doing this year, we've got you covered for inspo! 
We thought we'd share with you some brands that absolutely kill it when it comes to hair, makeup and nail art. 
Bleach London are massive when it comes to colourful hair. Their rainbow of different and absolutely gorgeous hair dyes are to *ahem* dye for.  Ranging from Tangerine through to Mermaid Dreams, You are sure to find a colour that suits you! 
Nail art has been around for ages, always ever changing shapes, patterns and colours to keep up with. Why not sit back, relax and let the ladies do your nails at WAH. The inspiration is endless! 
 Makeup artists continue to stun us with their gorgeous colour palette, creations and art that look beautiful! 
Makeup is equally a big part of a shoot at BB so we always like our models looking fresh gorgeous! 
Here are some makeup artists we follow on Instagram and are always amazed by their creations! 

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