Patrick Starr Wears the Chaos Jacket for NYX Cosmetics Promo

by Munashe Ashlyn on November 27, 2019

Patrick Starr Beauty Guru

Credit: Patrick Starr Gif via Giphy

Bottle Blonde Dolls! We have a huge influencer from the beauty guru industry wearing one of our magnificent creations. Yes, you guessed it! Patrick Starr, one of our long-time favourites from the beauty community wore our Chaos Jacket for a paid promotion with NYX Cosmetics.

Here at BB, we support creative expression that doesn't discriminate. We love to see all people from all groups and backgrounds being celebrated. We have worked with many creatives but, we love Patrick Starr in particular because he is a perfect representation of what we stand for.

Patrick Starr

Credit: Patrick Starr in the Bottle Blonde Chaos Jacket via @patrickstarrr

We love the Chaos Jacket so much because of its intense rainbow coloured tinsel and the mix of good girl gone bad caution tape. Patrick Starr is truly a fashion icon representing for all our plus size fashionistas out there.

Patrick Starr Youtube Channel

Credit: Patrick Starr via @patrickstarr Instagram Post

When you order one of our jackets, it is always the custom and made to order. This means we are able to make clothes for people of all sizes and genders. It all goes back to the fueled tinsel revolution, we want everyone to join the party. We would never allow gender or size to prevent our beautiful Bottle Blonde babies from missing out on painting the town holographic in one of our colourful creations.

Patrick Star instagram

Credit: Patrick Starr in the Bottle Blonde Chaos Jacket via @patrickstarrr

Soooo, what are you waiting for dolls?! We can get this jacket made for you ready for your next special occasion. Whether it's out on the town with the girls or a festival event, there will never be a dull moment in the Chaos Jacket. If there's another type of tinsel you'd like, we can custom make anything to your personal design. Have a look at our full collection on the main site, we have a few tasty treats for you and even 15% off discount if you sign up for our newsletter.

Patrick Starr

Credit: Patrick Starr in the Bottle Blonde Chaos Jacket via @patrickstarrr

 Patrick we loveeee you here at BB! Keep your eyes peeled, you may catch Patrick in another Bottle Blonde piece. We are life long fans and supporters of this queen.  

We love seeing our followers in our collections, make sure to tag @BottleBlondeStudio for a potential feature on our Instagram. 

See You Soon, 

BB Dolls xoxoxoxo


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