Seen On....

by on August 08, 2019

Seen On... Our favourite customer looks

We are starting a new monthly drop of the hottest BBBABES looks.

From lots of looks to choose from, we whittled it down to the below 10 for this month's roundup of our ultimate looks.

From festival fun to night out glam, we have the perfect mix of killer outfits in this week’s seen on.

Going to festivals means you can dress a little crazier than usual.

As always, you’re shinin’ bright and our tinsel jackets or prismatic earrings will cause all kinds of drama.

 The sugar daddy choker, neon pink prismatic earrings and Midas Gold Cascade Jacket are all iconic BB items. We are all about colour this summer and it's popping off. 

Remember to tag us in all your crazy outfits!

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