Willam Rocking Our Prismatic Iridescent Tinsel Earrings

by Munashe Ashlyn on November 24, 2019

Willam gif giphy drag race

Credit: William Gif via Giphy of giphy.com

Our lovely Drag Queens have supported us since the beginning of Bottle Blonde's conception. Now one of our favourite queens from the famous RuPaul's Drag Race has been snapped wearing our Prismatic Earrings

willam belli

Credit: Willam out on the town via his Instagram @Willam

The Prismatic Earrings are perfect for a night out, girly cocktail date or party night. The Prismatic Earrings are easily our best seller so what are you waiting for? Join the Prismatic Dynasty and get yourself a pair here. If you ever buy from us, always tag us here @BottleBlondeStudio. We want to see our beauties shining bright like the diamonds that you are.

willam belli

Credit: Willam out on the town via his Instagram @Willam

Add these earrings to your wardrobe and have fun with styling. If you're not into brightly coloured clothes, this piece would be great to add some sparkle to an all-black outfit. Who am I kidding? We know our BB dolls pretty well and you babies are festival going, bouncing off the walls, vibrant hunnies who love everything neon. Go crazy or keep it casual (we know you won't) no judgement either way. Just make sure you have fun in our earrings!

We love Willam and we'd love you too in our collection.

Join the Tinsel Revolution Party Bottle Blonde Babes;) 

Tag us on Instagram @BottleBlondeStudio for a cheeky feature

See you soon loves, BB Studio XOXOXOXO

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