Bottle Blonde HQ Life

by Chloe Hollingsworth on May 08, 2023

For this blog post we’ll be giving you an insight into studio life at Bottle Blonde headquarters. All jackets and tinsel products are made in house by our fab team, made up of great interns and full time designers.

Be prepared for a lot of sparkle and madness!

Intern Emma swamped in tinsel as always!

Amethyst Cascade Jacket in process.

Sam hard at work on a stunning cascade jacket.


Then when we're not making magic we do have some crazy moments...

Such as Studio Supervisor Karol scooting round the building,

Impromptu dancing,

And a cheeky gym sesh!


But of course BB HQ pet - Stanley the Pug <3 He always brightens the day!


Now for a little look around the studio of sass where everything is made!

The inspiration and vibe mood wall

Stretch orders

The order box

Of course a rail filled to the brim with tinsel

And obviously lots and lots of jackets!


A typical Bottle Blonde HQ day consists of glitter, laughs and a lot of coffee! But we're all one crazy family and wouldn't change a thing <3



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