★ ICE QUEENS ★ Snowy shoot with @lucysmix.arts

by Chloe Hollingsworth on April 25, 2019

This shoot, was the last and probably my favourite of my seven BB shoots in two weeks! It was completely spontaneous - as it was a snowy day on the day of the roller disco shoot, the photographer chris suggested we go and find some snow. The results were amazing!


Although it was actually -5 degrees, I get a very warm and sunny American vibe, it almost looks like we are in some sort of desert.

Look at bethan the absolute glowing queen in the firecracker jacket!

And an angel flying through the desert!

We got creative using the unicorn jacket, the sunlight and a gold reflector to create wavey lighting effects.

Two princesses blowing bubbles in a dreamy fantasy world…

We couldn’t stop laughing about how extra the whole situation was. We got so many funny looks from dog walkers!

Just stumbling all over the icey floor in high heels, on the top of a snowy mountain, on a -5c day, dressed head to toe in BB. Standard!

This shoot was such a great way to wrap up my amazing two weeks of BB shooting, I feel like the pics came out extra good because I was doing them with my bestie Bethan!


Styling & direction by Lucy Smith IG @lucysmix.arts

Photography by Chris Werrett IG @cwphotographics website www.cwphotographics.com

Models Lucy & Bethan IG @lucysmix & @_fairynuff


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