by Munashe Ashlyn on December 05, 2019
rock band wears red tinsel jackets
Credit: photographer: Mejra Drkal (@mejradrkal) Band: MYDY (@mydyofficial)

Bottle Blonde babes, we have some exciting news! The new up and coming band MYDY have worn our jackets in their latest show and we are SO excited about it. For those of you that don't know them, MYDY are a Czech glamatronic band
travelling all over the world performing their their newest single Numbers.

Credit: photographer: Mejra Drkal (@mejradrkal) Band: MYDY (@mydyofficial)

Here at BB we love anything that shines and our Red Crush jacket does exactly that! As well as the Red Crush jacket making the perfect outfit for anyone to stand out in, it also allowed MYDY to look absolutely amazing and make the most of the stage lights throughout their performance due to how they bounce off the jackets and light up the audience.

Credit: photographer: Mejra Drkal (@mejradrkal) Band: MYDY (@mydyofficial)

Although the Red Crush jacket isn't available anymore here at Bottle Blonde we offer loads of beautiful made to order jackets that are just as bold and just as beautiful. Steal MYDY's by checking out our website and become the next bottle blonde babe. 

Credit: photographer: Mejra Drkal (@mejradrkal) Band: MYDY (@mydyofficial)

Make sure we see you in our clothes by using our hashtag #BBBABES and tag our Insta @bottleblondestudio.

We love you BB dolls!

See you next time xoxo

By Morgan Berry

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