❀ TUTTi FRUITi SHOOTi ❀ with @lucysmix.arts

by Chloe Hollingsworth on May 08, 2023

This mega glam and glossy shoot was initially inspired by a pack of fruity socks from the one and only Primark and a pair of earrings from Balulu

I wanted the vibe to be fruity, vibrant, tropical and fun!

Some inspo pics:

IG Queen @yellabambi on her banana phone



I really wanted to shoot in a kitchen showroom to go with the fruity vibe, and for the colourful outfits to pop on a plain background. I was tricky finding a kitchen showroom that would let us shoot. However the place that we found welcomed us with open arms! The kitchens at Interiors 4 Living Leeds were gorgeous and the staff were so friendly and accommodating, they even bought us pizza!

I was extra extra excited for this shoot as the photographer was one of my all time favourites, Milly Hewitt!

Pics from her IG @millysphotographs

Meet the models; Mary the super creative mixed media artist, stunning, portuguese ray of sunshine!


And Betty, an awesome gal I met at Leeds RAG charity fashion show!


We had soooo much fun doing the shoot, I feel like hanging out in the most extremely flamboyant outfits in a totally contrasting location really encapsulated the spirit of BB.

Putting on a show in front of paying customers, spread eagle, on a kitchen counter, in bright green hotpants. As you do.


Concept, styling, direction & make-up by Lucy Smith IG @lucysmix.arts

Photography by Milly Hewitt IG @millysphotographs

Models Mary & Betty IG @thatsfreaky & @bettyxward


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